A Language Course

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A Language Course

Post by Ueshu » Fri 01.02.2009 5:07 pm

I'm looking early for an exchange program in 2010-2011. After looking at several organization's programs, I found this one: http://www.cci-exchange.com/travelabroa ... spx?id=666. However, it didn't say anything about required language proficiency or courses. Seeing as how I'm still a beginner studying on my own, I figured it'd be a requirement that I take a language course for a certain period of time (i.e. a semester). There's only one problem. I live in Iowa, the middle of nowhere, practically. This means that I have virtually no local courses through my school, and I don't know how well an online course would go over. So, I'm a bit strained on resources as far as language schooling goes. Can anyone help me out on this one?
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Re: A Language Course

Post by Matazi » Wed 01.07.2009 2:20 pm

Doing a little research about your local colleges can have great returns :)


I don't know how close that is to you, but it offers up to 2 years of Japanese. I'm sure if you coordinated with your high school and that college, I'm sure you'd be able to go abroad.

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