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Good Import shops in my area?

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Good Import shops in my area?

Postby chobo2 » Sun 06.14.2009 12:14 pm


I am wondering if anyone knows good import shops that are around the Kawasaki/Kangawa area?

I am trying to find some stuff but I am finding it hard to find. Plus maybe can tell me what these items would be called in Japanese since everyone I talk to seems to look like I fell off the moon or something.

The first Item I am looking for is soup noodles. In Canada I usually buy some no name brand and on the package they just called them egg noodles.

they are flat and short and look similar too this Image

I am just looking for the dried noodles and not lipton. I have my own chicken stock for the soup. I really just need some noodles for it and I rather try to get these since well I know it works good with the soup. If not I guess I will have to try some other noodles. The people I am staying with I think use Udon noodles for there soups.

The next thing I am looking for is White Vinegar. I was so shocked to see they don't have like regular white vinegar here.


I been to "seijoishii" and while it had a couple of the other items I was looking for(like maggiImage too bad I had to return it though since I noticed half way going home it was expired).

But I could not find the above stuff.

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