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Another holiday to Japan post :P

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Another holiday to Japan post :P

Postby kumu » Sat 08.29.2009 6:56 pm

Hey Everyone!

I just spent about an hour writing a big post about my planned trip to Japan next March and then I accidently closed the tab :cry:

Anyway I read these forums everyday and the site in general has been like a second teacher for me.. Keep up the good work its greatly appreciated. I have been a member for a while but apart from an Introduction post many moons ago I don't think I have ever wrote anything here.

At the end of September I will be I will finally book my holiday to Japan :D I will be going for 3 weeks from the 24th of March next year.... A while away i know but im already excited.

I will be flying to the kansai international airport and stay in Osaka for a week. while there i will see Osaka, Kyoto and that area. I have quite a few ideas about what to do for this week but could anyone suggest a hotel. The cheaper the better as long as its clean it will just be used for sleeping in.

I will then spend a couple of nights in Nagoya, a friend lives there. Then spend a week in Tokyo where I would like to visit some towns north of Tokyo while I'm there. Any ideas?

Now any hotel / things to do/ places to go suggestions would be greatly appreciated but the main reason for my post is football (soccer to you). I would like to watch a match. Is the season still on in March/April and are there any rival matches with a good atmosphere that I should try to see? In England you have to be a member of the club to buy tickets, is it the same in Japan or can I just turn up to the stadium on the day and buy one? I'm not a huge fan but like to see a game while im there.

Thanks for reading this and for any help you give me... I will try to get more involved in the forums in the future although I dont think my Japanese skills will be much help to anyone. I'm taking the JLPT4 at the end of the year :)

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Re: Another holiday to Japan post :P

Postby NileCat » Sat 08.29.2009 11:44 pm

Hello, kumu.

Honestly speaking, I know next to nothing about football. But according to the official J-League website, the season seems to begin in early March. So I suppose something is to be on during the period of your stay. I couldn't find any limitation in terms of the ticket purchase. You could get a ticket in person at the venue unless they are sold out. That means it is recommended to book a ticket beforehand, I think.
Here is the official site of J-League in English. http://www.j-league.or.jp/eng/

I have no idea about the accommodation in Osaka. Sorry.
In Tokyo, do you have any specific reason for being interested in northern towns? Because it's mostly a suburb area, I'm afraid.
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Re: Another holiday to Japan post :P

Postby kumu » Sun 08.30.2009 11:56 am

Thanks nilecat that website had alot of information though I could not find anything about tickets on there. I did find some info on another site about where to buy them while in Japan.. I will take a closer look into it closer to my trip.

There wasn't much of a reason to visit places north of Tokyo its just that im going to the large busy cities of Japan and would like to see what else Japan has to offer... Going out the way abit.

Thanks :D
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