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Summer Study

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Summer Study

Postby Rileyk90 » Tue 10.19.2010 1:50 pm

Hi, I want to go study the Japanese language in Japan over this coming summer. I really want to know what everyone here thinks about the different ways of accomplishing this. I am currently a freshman in college and studying japanese on my own. I am also looking into the Kudan Institute of japanese language and culture. Honestly I don't really know what I should be looking for so any help would be greatly appreciated! :D
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Re: Summer Study

Postby Figurethree » Tue 10.19.2010 9:03 pm

Well, I'd start the process now since a lot of places have deadlines that are a bit out from the program start dates and require payment before you go. I would ask your university what programs they offer, because you'll want to do that so you can apply your financial aid. There is a program provider called CCIS (http://www.ccisabroad.org/) that can work with a lot of universities to see that you can get credit. I'm not really qualified to comment on a lot of the programs seeing as how they aren't the one I'm on now, but I can tell you a bit about mine :P I'm currently KCP (through the CCIS provider) and they have a summer program and summer short term program. It's really intense so if you're looking to hardcore learn some Japanese I'd recommend it.


:D Ask me about KCP if you have any questions
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