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Anyone know much about DeNA?

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Anyone know much about DeNA?

Postby CardinalGuy724 » Tue 12.27.2011 12:59 am

So I'm a college junior who will be studying abroad in Kyoto at Doshisha in the spring and in addition to that there is a pretty good chance that over the summer I would possibly be working as a software engineering intern at DeNA which makes online/cell phone games and does social networking type things. I was wondering if anyone on here would maybe have some connection to the company and could tell me a little more about it from your own personal experience or maybe if you're in Japan and you often use DeNA products and what is your general perception of their presence in Japan or even if you have no idea about DeNA but have worked at other Japanese software companies and know what the work environment there is like? Just trying to get a better idea of what I am potentially getting myself into :P
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