Suicide in Japan

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Re: Suicide in Japan

Post by Shiroisan » Thu 01.12.2012 1:18 am

In Japan, suicide is historically an acceptable way to atone for sins- especially if it's a sacrifice for someone else's benefit. Amongst the olden tales I've read of Japan, the suicide I've come across has been glorified.

Inheritable financial burdens and family debt are rampant, and suicide can in some cases be a way out of it- to protect your family from it.

They also have very long work hours, and it's well known that lack of sleep is one of the largest factors correlated with depression.

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Re: Suicide in Japan

Post by john2 » Fri 08.31.2012 8:12 am

That makes the Japanese sound like me and dealing with my own emotions.
I'm sorry for my ignorance... I feel stupid now.
>_< Atleast in japan vaguely acceptable being a hikimori girl, I want to be one, I hate being with people!
(PS. I hate having a male user name can that go be fixed like I dunno ASAP.)

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