Eating in Japan?

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Eating in Japan?

Post by ダラゴスちゃん » Tue 05.01.2012 4:37 am

Hello again,

It's been a while since I last visited, not to mention studied, however I hope to take that up again soon, I'm a bit of a slacker when it comes to things I don't like to do. :blush:

Anyway. I was wondering what many of you who live in Japan like to eat for breakfast. My current diet is mainly fish based, but it also very limited. I eat sardines out of a can at times, and this morning I was trying something that seemed like a "fish jerky", it was in a can and is very dry, but not bad either. Other times I will eat tuna. But that's about it, I'm a fairly picky eater due to me not being exposed to many foods, but for some reason I love fish, I really don't know why. Because I get the impression that fish is a very common food in japan, I also assume that there are many different ways to prepare it.

So what do you like to eat in the mornings? What do you think I could try here in the states?


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Re: Eating in Japan?

Post by SakeIt2Me » Thu 05.03.2012 12:07 pm

Obviously I'm not Japanese...but a quick google turned this up: ... -breakfast

Here in Canada it is easy to find miso pastes etc. if you're anywhere near a city, so maybe you could pick up some miso and add that to your morning diet. I love the white miso, myself, it has that lovely creamy aftertaste...mmmm.
I save dark miso for supper.
Maybe I will meet you one day, maybe Wednesday, maybe not...not

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