Cost of Living in Tokyo

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Cost of Living in Tokyo

Post by hemgai » Sun 06.17.2012 11:16 am


I will be coming to Tokyo Japan for 6 month. I will coming with my family ( wife and mother). I want to know the monthly expenses for 3 person in tokyo. My company will provide the accomodation but other charges like gas, electricity, TV, mobile etc i need to pay from my pocket. Company will give me 227020 Yen per month i.e. 7567 yen per day. I need to bare for transportation, daily needs item foods etc....I would like to know is it enough in Tokyo to live for 3 person. I am targetting of saving Please advice and also let me know the charges of below

daily needs item
TV charges

also advise any other place which is near to Tokyo where i can stay and save money app 142850 yen per month i.e. Rs 1 lac per month.

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Re: Cost of Living in Tokyo

Post by toraneko » Sat 09.08.2012 4:25 pm

These sites will give you a lot of info on prices in Japan.
In spite of the titles, the prices are fairly uniform across Japan. ...

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