Just moved !

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Just moved !

Post by Jay1444 » Tue 02.05.2013 12:19 am

Hello all good peoples of TJP !

i have just moved from Chicago to Koenji with my wife. she is japanese and already has a job. I am an anglo saxon who is currently unempoyed....

i am looking for interesting opportunities in the vein of creative arts....media, acting, music..etc. I went to school at Columbia College Chicago with the plan of getting a theatre degree....which i became somewhat disenchanted with...due partly because i was well.....in college for the first time :) and all the indescretions and procrastinations involved with such a environment, and i was in a band. which, furthered my misappropriation of focus . as far as my degree was concerned....

that aside...i am very interested in making connections with people seriously interested/involved in the vein of creative arts. i am 28 and chomping at the bit as they say...( not sure who "they" are) to get back into acting on film. or collaborating with energetic visionaries who need roster spots filled.

I am versatile, amiable, pliable, mouldable, reliable, integritable, yet i have a freedom and unpredictibility that serves me well in improv.

I also am an active athlete. i love competition and respect competitors. i detest poor sportsmanship.

Just joined the Tokyo Eagles competitive amateur team, much to my delight!

well... that is a brief and somewhat eratic overview of my interests, endeavors, and historical records.

I want to say something like " God save the Queen" or "God speed" but i feel that would be incongruent/ludicrous as concluding statement.

"Full steam ahead" should suffice. please feel free to contact me at anytime about any subject.
thanks for your time and God speed. :)

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