Who is this person? (possibly famous)

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Who is this person? (possibly famous)

Post by timkbq » Mon 07.29.2013 9:24 am

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Does anyone know who the woman pictured in the attached file is? I think she may be famous in Japan. She was at Hyper Japan, Earls Court this weekend.

Thank you very much.


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Re: Who is this person? (possibly famous)

Post by richvh » Tue 07.30.2013 4:26 pm

I have no idea who she is. If she was someone important/famous, she'd most likely have been listed in the program somewhere; otherwise, the most likely possibility is a cosplayer of some sort.
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Re: Who is this person? (possibly famous)

Post by Shiroisan » Wed 07.31.2013 12:37 am

It appears you somehow managed to get a glimpse of the ever elusive Princess Himiko. I wonder why Japanese historians never managed to :roll:

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