Working out in Kyoto! Gold's and iLiAS?

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Working out in Kyoto! Gold's and iLiAS?

Post by ConraDargo » Wed 09.04.2013 1:03 pm

Hey everyone!

One month from now I'll be a resident of Kyoto, Kohata Uji-city, and my no. 1 priority is actually finding a gym - since I'm used to lifting weights 4-5 days a week and doing some running in between that.

I spotted one and two recommendations on gyms in older topics, but was hoping to get some "fresh" opinions for my trip ^^ Especially since I'll be living there for a whole year! :dance:

Right now, I'm leaning towards trying out Gold's Gym and/or iLiAS Kyoto Sports Club. Does anyone here have anything to say about these? Gold's Gym looks like a pretty robust and spacious place and I like the fact that they're so big international. iLiAS seems to be smaller (?) but is also closer to the share house where I'll be staying. The real question, though, is whether the receptionists understand English and actually accepts foreigners or not (I have no tattoos so no worries there).

Any help on the subject would be much appreciated! :D

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