Strange unidentified Candy

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Strange unidentified Candy

Post by soundofonions » Mon 04.28.2014 12:47 pm

Hi everyone, someone recently gave me this japanese candy. However I can't read what it says, and I'm not sure how exactly to eat it. If anybody knows this candy, or can read the package, it would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Strange unidentified Candy

Post by richvh » Mon 04.28.2014 3:02 pm

It's too blurry trying to read through the plastic.
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Re: Strange unidentified Candy

Post by Ongakuka » Mon 04.28.2014 7:58 pm

The instructions are on the back, you need to take a photo from the other side. All I can make out is 'be careful not to let the contents spill out when you decide to eat it!'

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Re: Strange unidentified Candy

Post by JiveCat » Thu 05.01.2014 3:37 pm

These are Jelly Bars (lit: Jelly Sticks). I've seen plenty of domestic and foreign candy like this. You simply rip the top off and squeeze the contents into your mouth. Here's an example using a similar product (the method's the same).


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