Future airplane cabin for Japanese?

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Future airplane cabin for Japanese?

Post by samulim » Mon 05.23.2016 11:44 am

Hi all!

I’m a doctoral student at Aalto University in Helsinki, and involved in designing a conceptual airplane cabin for Japanese markets in year 2025. I wish to ask help from the almighty community :)

It is of course essential to know Japanese to design what is best for them. I am trying to learn and wanted to ask if you, or someone you know, have insights into any one of the questions below? Big questions, I know :) But if you have ideas to even any single one of them, it would be very helpful and possibly interesting to other forum members.

1) Any factors that are characteristic to modern Japanese in terms of culture, demographics, lifestyle, or basically anything that could have relevance for aircraft cabin design - we don't know yet what to ask so keep an open mind.

2) Trends and megatrends, relevant or analogous to cabin design in the Japanese market - anything from general trends to trends directly related to air travel.

3) Someone else or any place (location, website, event, online forum, report, knowledgeable person …) who might have useful information or leads.

4) Whatever comes to your mind that may help in designing a cabin for future Japanese markets that I did not realize to ask!

You can also spread this message. Thank you!

Feel free to answer here for everyone to see and discuss, or if you wish so, you can send me email too.

Samuli Mäkinen

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