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Sushi joke

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RE: Sushi joke

Postby AJBryant » Mon 12.19.2005 7:23 pm

That's the story I've always heard. I've also heard about the purification aspect, but the oxcart story just sounds better. ;)

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RE: Sushi joke

Postby coco » Mon 12.19.2005 9:24 pm

ishnar wrote:


ところで、ご紹介いただきました映像を リスニングの教材にしては いかがでしょう。

最初の10秒目から22秒( 0:10〜00:22) までを 日本語で書き取ることにするのです。

会話というのは、かなりスピードが早いですから、全部の文章を一度に文字にするのは 大変です。
最初は 2〜3文ずつ、慣れてきたら 30秒〜1分 くらいを メド(目処)にすると よいでしょう。
最後には かなり 耳が慣れてくる と思いますよ。
そうなればJLPT1級の 『聴解問題』も 楽勝です。

何人か 希望者がいれば、やってみませんか?
ここ(Culture and Info about living in Japan)ではなくて、
Practice Japanese でやった方が ふさわしい ので

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RE: Sushi joke

Postby Infidel » Thu 12.22.2005 11:13 pm

Thank you coco for using Japanese. You are making me work. On the other hand. A lot of the grammar is still beyond me. Some things I'm not finding in my references. Kinda embarassing but oh well. My first fear, that you didn't get my joke, was relieved. You DID get my joke. :)

It might take me a while to respond though. Most of my references are at home.
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RE: Sushi joke

Postby ayaito » Mon 01.02.2006 7:20 pm

that is great ^^; love it.
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RE: Sushi joke

Postby amego » Fri 01.06.2006 2:38 pm

lol...thats so lame...haha but cool and well-made =p
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RE: Sushi joke

Postby punkgrl326 » Sat 03.25.2006 10:24 pm

I remember this video.. I laughed so hard I fell of my chair and hit my head the first time I saw it. :D
"Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one's self-esteem. That is why young children, before they are aware of their own self-importance, learn so easily."

-Thomas Szasz
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RE: Sushi joke

Postby sgtkwol » Sat 03.25.2006 10:36 pm

Yeah, I must say thanks for bringing this back up on newest threads. LMAO all over again.
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RE: Sushi joke

Postby Shibakoen » Sat 03.25.2006 10:41 pm

That looked nothing like Ootoro. Chutoro, MAYBE. Mmmm....Ootoro....
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RE: Sushi joke

Postby tanuki » Sat 03.25.2006 10:45 pm

I can't watch it! It looks like the video is gone... Can anyone help?
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RE: Sushi joke

Postby keatonatron » Sun 03.26.2006 12:25 am

Just click on the black picture of the sushi that says something about indication of quality.
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RE: Sushi joke

Postby yankumi » Mon 03.27.2006 2:39 am

Here's a rather interesting update on the Sushi Video

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RE: Sushi joke

Postby coco » Mon 03.27.2006 3:01 am

Very important info. Thanks for letting us know.
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RE: Sushi joke

Postby chchan45 » Fri 04.07.2006 9:21 pm

Hello everybody. As one of my listening exercises, I have typed up the Japanese monologue of this video. There are a few places where I am not sure what is being said and I have marked them in red. I hope that somebody will be kind enough to "fill in the gaps", and I hope that some forum members may find the Japanese text useful for their learning. Over time I will try to add some explanations to the more difficult words in the text.

As you can imagine, a lot was said in this 8-minute video so the text runs to three pages. I will release the text in stages rather than in one go. For now, I will make something available, say, once a week. This will give us more time to digest things, and I will avoid overloading the message board. Afterall, I have a full time job and the lawn is starting grow again after the winter, so I cannot spend too much time on this forum.

Although the spoken Japanese is relatively easy to comprehend, unfortunately you will need a good level of Japanese to understand what is actually being said (at least JLPT level 3)! For this reason, I would prefer not to provide the kanji readings except the more difficult ones. You should be able to look up their readings by copying and pasting into an internet dictionary, for example http://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/

Thank you for your interest.
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Reading 李香蘭 私の半生

Please note that:
1. English is not my first language.
2. I am not Japanese. I am prone to making mistakes so please point them out if you see any.
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RE: Sushi joke

Postby chchan45 » Fri 04.07.2006 9:23 pm








すし - The video shows sushi as the Chinese character 鮨. However, I have normally seen it written as 寿司. I believe that both sets of kanjis are not taught at school.

日本 - I do not know why 日本 is sometimes read as にっぽん rather than にほん.

のれん - A set of curtains at the entrance of shops, usually with the name of the establishment written on it. In kanji it is 暖簾 (warm curtain). I do not think you are required to learn the reading.

くぐる - to go under something. According to my computer, it may be written as 潜る. Although the character 潜 is part of 常用漢字, I am not sure if the reading is in the list.

めくる - to turn over; not to be confused with めぐる(巡る) (surrounding, regarding)

ずに - This is a JLPT level 2 grammatical structure and can be translated as "without".
To form the verb stem, take the ない away from the negative form. For example, 買う>買わない>買わ+ず. However, note that there is one exception, する>せ+ず.
「まだやってる?」を忘れずに*言います。 Don't forget to ask (lit. say without forgetting) "Are you still serving?"
Here is a better example I found on the internet:
勉強せずに合格した。 I passed [an examination] without studying.

若干 - to a certain extent. Interesting fact: this reading is one of the things you need to know for kanken level 4!

だいごみ - charm, the sentence here roughly translates as "the charm of coming to a sushiya is using its counter seats".

- わけにはいきません(わけにはいかない) - This is a sentence structure for JLPT level 2. It means it is impossible to do something, or it is not recommendable due to social norms, etc.

義理 人情 - They literally mean "obligations" and "kindness" but I know in Japanese, the meanings are more nuanced. It is almost as difficult to explain as 建前 and 本音

こなす - I have seen this word a few times in Japanese writing, and the dictionary says this word means to "manage (to do something)". Probably ここまできちんとこなして can be roughly translated as "[You] have negotiated [these steps] so far successfully".

大トロ、中トロ、トロ - Of course this is just a joke, but I am wondering why they used トロ rather than any random word? Searching for トロ in an online dictionary shows that it is a shortened form of トロッコ (truck). Actually, I wonder if the name has anything to do with the famous anime file となりのトトロ (My neighbour Totoro)? In the film, there are three totoros, 大トトロ、中トトロ、ちびトトロ and their names seem close enough to the sushi brands!

コシヒカリ - The text says that they are the highest grade brand of rice. However, a recent visit to Oriental City in Colindale, London throws some doubt on this. I saw the rice being retailed at about £6 per 5kg pack. I definitely remember seeing other brands of rice at much higher prices - something like £40 for 10kg!

ず - This is a way to join two sentences together.
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Reading 李香蘭 私の半生

Please note that:
1. English is not my first language.
2. I am not Japanese. I am prone to making mistakes so please point them out if you see any.
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RE: Sushi joke

Postby Corybobory » Fri 04.07.2006 10:22 pm

Hahaha I saw that a while ago too. When the chef wiped his brow and then the knife.... eww!!! lol what a funny video...
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