Eating in Japan...

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RE: Eating in Japan...

Post by CuriousDrew » Fri 07.21.2006 3:56 pm

punkgrl326 wrote:
I like mixing ketchup up with a little mayo as dipping sauce for my fries. Call me weird, but the stuff tastes great.
I used to use that to make a starter. Prawns and rosie sauce on a bed of iceberg lettuce with tomatoes and buttered bread,:) lovely.

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RE: Eating in Japan...

Post by Harisenbon » Fri 07.21.2006 9:29 pm

DUDE.. This is the eating in JAPAN thread. Breverages fall into this catagory.
I think the issue is less about appropriateness, and more about the fact that the last post in this thread before you was over 4 months ago.

It's less about off-topic, and more about the damnable art of NECROMANCY. ;)

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