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Going for a visit.

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Going for a visit.

Postby qedhup » Fri 02.10.2006 3:14 pm

well, i've decided to take a trip sometime in the next year to japan. This isn't something I just decided out of the blue. I"ve been studying japanese for awhile. Even have a friend or two over there. I started looking at the prices for packages to visit there and was shocked by the price. (Including Air-fare, alot were around $6,000.00... and thats before accounting for extra spending money).

Isn't there a cheaper way to go? I priced a ticket with Air canada and its about $2,200.00 for the round trip ticket. But hotels are expensive.

I know around here there are sometimes temporary boarding houses for foreign visitors that want to cut costs. Is there anything like that in japan? Or can anyone suggest cheap hotels? (I was thinking of either going to Tokyo or Yokohama since I have friends in both cities).

Basically what i'm saying is i'm on a budget and would prefer to try and spend less that $6k for a trip (I was thinking a week or two visit). Also I could use a plethora of tips about trips to japan. I'm rather paranoid about getting lost, broke and/or being unable to find a way back home lol.

I already know that I should attempt to just get straight Yen since most places don't take debit or credit card.

Thnx ahead of time

*update* I love expedia.ca... found plane tickets to japan for only $1,400.00. Does anyone know how much I should plan for spending money, subway fare, etc? I'll take prices in either \ or $. Its easy enough to convert.
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RE: Going for a visit.

Postby mandolin » Fri 02.10.2006 8:18 pm

If you're going to be doing a lot of travelling and sightseeing, the Japan Rail Pass is said to be a "must have" for any foreign visitor.

An adult price for the ordinary car for 14 days is roughly $390 USD, or $442 CAD, or ¥45,100.

HERE is the official Japan Rail Pass website in english, I recommend reading all of it, as they have not only information directly relating to the pass, but some helpful vocabulary regarding the railway, what a "green car" is, and so on.

There is a 7-day version of the pass, too.
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RE: Going for a visit.

Postby Shibakoen » Fri 02.10.2006 9:20 pm

I got a pretty good deal from NorthWest through japantravel.com. It was $600 round trip from Raleigh, NC (East Coast). They've also got information on travel packages and the Japan Rail Pass as mandolin mentioned. As for hotels, there are always ryokan that seem to be much cheaper than the "Western Style" hotels. In Shimoda (absolutely wonderful place, beautiful beaches so go in summer) I stayed at a ryokan that was less than $60/night. A friend of mine is from there, so I imagine she knew all the good cheap places that westerners don't know about. Anyway, she set it up for me through an agency there in Shimoda. I found that a lot of the Package Tours were cheaper than the "a la carte" type of travel. I also wonder if it is required that you have a place to stay before you land in Japan. I think you have to give the customs people the address of the place you intend to stay, but I can't remember. I don't think they like the idea of homeless foreigners (backpackers) wandering around the country. Anyway, good luck!
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RE: Going for a visit.

Postby Archer » Fri 02.10.2006 10:51 pm

Those prices you quoted are ridculous .... what are they? business class? I bought a return trip to japan from london for about 500 pound (can't find the pound key on my japanese keyboard.... :( ) that's about $900 canadian ...

If you can't shack up with one of your mates in japan and if you're on a budget then definitely go for a gaijin house or some other shared accomodation. It's far cheaper (and dirtier) and you'll make more friends that way too.

Seriously, ... $6k? :o

If you're going to traveling a LOT all over tokyo in 2-3 weeks then the JR pass is a must. If you are just staying in one place i.e. tokyo then you should think again. They're are pretty pricey. But I use the trains everyday ... so you will be too... on second thoughts the JR pass is a good idea even if you're staying in one place.

Sorry for the incoherent post....I'm at work so I gotta type shit down fast...

if you want more info pm me.
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RE: Going for a visit.

Postby lomagu » Sat 02.11.2006 7:41 am

Archer wrote:
Those prices you quoted are ridculous ....

I agree. You can get really cheap tickets at http://www.travelcuts.com/english/html/. Depending on when you go, you can get tickets under CDN 1000.

Also, I recommend getting the Lonely Planet Japan guide book. It lists accomodation, food and entertainment from budget to high class. Should you happen to go to Kyoto, there's a really cheap hostel you can stay at for under 2000 yen per night. It's crappy, but cheap (and popular.. you can meet a lot of other travelers there).
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RE: Going for a visit.

Postby MysticEvo » Fri 02.17.2006 3:39 pm

I'm going in March I started planing for my wife and I in Jan. We got the plane tickets for 722 USD each after taxes, the Rooms for 9 nights for 2 in Kyoto and tokyo for less then 700 USD total and our 2 JR rail pass which will cover 7 days and we will get local passes for the extra days.
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RE: Going for a visit.

Postby PandanoTake » Fri 02.17.2006 7:06 pm

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RE: Going for a visit.

Postby PandanoTake » Fri 02.17.2006 7:06 pm

well maybe not number one, but it is DEFINITELY up there!!!!!!
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RE: Going for a visit.

Postby Daisuke » Fri 02.17.2006 7:35 pm

PandanoTake wrote:
well maybe not number one, but it is DEFINITELY up there!!!!!!

Please don't double post. Use the edit option, thanks.
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RE: Going for a visit.

Postby tk101 » Sat 02.18.2006 5:36 pm

hmm wow.. 6k?
I'm going with LABO and it will cost me only $2000 for a 7wk stay and $800 for a round trip flight. so that adds up to around half of that your paying for.... i guess it becuase i'm a student. but then again i'm going with a program and i'm guessing your going without one. I thought about 2 weeks stay as well, but then i came up with the 7 wk thing.
are you a college, high school student, or what? you might find good prives if your a student. thats how i got cheap airfare...
what month are you going? I'm going from jun15 to aug 10. I plan to spend my 18th b-day there..sounds cool to me...
good luck with your trip...
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