Mika Nakashima and the likes.

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RE: Mika Nakashima and the likes.

Post by Mukade » Thu 04.27.2006 9:30 pm

Namie Amuro is one of the better hip-hop artists out there, in my opinion.

If you like slightly more experimental singer/songwriters, you should check out Ringo Shiina.

The Zazen Boys, and their earlier incarnation, Number Girl, are a good garage metal band.

For more classic rock sounds, you must listen to Urufurus. This band keeps getting better with every album. And the best part - they are from Osaka! ;)

Chitose Hajime is kind of like a mix between the Cranberries and Tori Amos. Good, solid songs/singing. Check her out.

Supercar has put out some interesting albums, mixing Coldplay-type pop/rock with techno beats.

Japan also has some of the best lounge techno out there. It all started with Cornelius, but became popularized through Pizzicato Five. Fantastic Plastic Machine and Towa Tei (of Dee-lite fame) continue the tradition.

Tokyo No.1 Soul Set isn't around anymore (as far as I can tell), but they did a strange blend of hip-hop and early 60s hippie folk music.

Super Butter Dog has some cool, funk-rock. Give their song Funky Oolong Tea a listen.

Love Psychedelico has been a mainstay. They've got a 60s rock sound to them. The lead singer sings in English quite a bit, but her pronunciation is dead-on. I actually thought they were an American band when I first heard them.

Hifana (pronounced High-fawn-ah) have sampled traditional Japanese sounds into heavy beat electronica. Their song Wamono is particularly good.

Co-Fusion is good if you like House Techno. Very danceable.

The Japanese are also putting out a lot of good reggae, punk and ska. Try changing the country zone on iTunes to Japan. You can't buy anything, but you can browse and listen!

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RE: Mika Nakashima and the likes.

Post by Kaoru » Thu 04.27.2006 11:17 pm

I love Japanese rock! Its the best:) I always listen 2 it...But I really don't pay a lot of attention to whom the singer is (kinda stupid of me huh?), I just love their rock even though I only understand very little of what they're saying lol :D
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RE: Mika Nakashima and the likes.

Post by hamsterfreak4evr » Thu 04.27.2006 11:33 pm

wow...im personally into really jpop-y stuff like morning musume lol.

ya try jrock its not my thing- so its not pop!:D

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