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Japan craze

Post questions and answers about living or visiting Japan or the culture

RE: Japan craze

Postby keatonatron » Tue 08.01.2006 12:38 am

AJBryant wrote:
I was a culture vulture

I think your title needs to be changed from "Administrator" to "Culture Vulture" :D
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RE: Japan craze

Postby AJBryant » Tue 08.01.2006 1:59 am


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RE: Japan craze

Postby chikara » Tue 08.01.2006 2:32 am

El Moppo wrote:......Also, I like that plinky-twinky music...oh, and sitars. Sitars.

The sitar is an Indian instrument. Do you mean shamisen?
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RE: Japan craze

Postby shinzou » Tue 08.01.2006 9:58 am

My interest in the language/country was founded in martial arts and music. I'd done Tae Kwon Do (yes, I do realize it's Korean) for ten years, and decided that taking another art would be good to broaden my horizons. I began looking into Kendo, which also got me into the more traditional clothing. I then started watching anime occasionally, which furthered my interest. It seems for me, one thing lead to another, and so on, to the point of wanting to do student exchage in Japan for a few months. Funny how it all starts from such a small thing, hey?

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RE: Japan craze

Postby El Moppo » Tue 08.01.2006 1:49 pm

chikara wrote:
El Moppo wrote:......Also, I like that plinky-twinky music...oh, and sitars. Sitars.

The sitar is an Indian instrument. Do you mean shamisen?

Yes. I know, Sitars are Indian, but i also liek the Japanese instrument I mentioned. And I now know the name of. Shamisen.
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RE: Japan craze

Postby Budomaru » Tue 08.01.2006 11:10 pm

lol i thought you were being sarcastic when you mentioned sitars :P
You know you've been hanging around a forum too long when people start quoting you and agreeing :P
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RE: Japan craze

Postby hamsterfreak4evr » Wed 08.09.2006 1:12 am

Victory Manual wrote:
Japan is not as popular as you think. ESL is a bigger and more lucrative business in Mexico and various places in the Middle East, and so more native teachers head out to those places.

University students are more interested in China and India, based on economic forecasts that either one of those countries could be the new major economical power within the next 20 years. Other students who just want to get out and see the world usually choose a European destination (and so a European language).

Highschool students who study Japanese are rare - Yes, it's true that in Hawaii it is the biggest second language, but that's only because of its proximity. In California most students learn Spanish. Elsewhere, French and German.

Australians tend to lean towards German as their second language. Candians learn French.

Japan is pretty low on the popularity ladder.

Harisenbon wrote:
Japanese and think that they basically turned a form of abstract art into a language. Very pretty to look at compared to the Latin Alphabet.

I may be mistaken, but I beleive that the latin Alphabet also arose from pictographs. I remember I remember reading somewhere that A came from an image of a cow's head, or something.

Sorry, but you are mistaken. The Phoenicians invented the source of our modern roman alphabet. At around the same time, there were writing systems in Sumeria, China, and Central America, but all of those were symbols used representing objects. The Phoenicians were the first to create a system of characters that stood for a single consonant, so that putting them together you could form sounds, and you could read a word you didn't know just by sounding it out.

The Israelites, Moabites, and Greeks adopted the same system (in Greek historical documents this is explicitly stated - that the letters were introduced by the Phoenician prince Cadmus, the same person who founded the city of Thebes).

All modern alphabets, even though some of them are quite strange, are distorted versions of the original Phoenician alphabet.

I'm fortunate enough to be able to take Japanese at my high school, although your right, romantic languages are MUCH more popular ;)
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RE: Japan craze

Postby Hatori » Wed 08.09.2006 1:19 am

i got into Japan by making fun of an old Godzilla movie. i don't get this-
by making fun of a Godzilla, is kind of like making fun of Japan, so how did i learn to like it? i think it's because i thought it'd be something cool to look deeper into, and it turned out that i became to love it.

i got my closest friends into it. LATER, we got into anime and manga. that wasn't from the start, with my Japanese craze. :P

i personally hate it when most people, who think Japan is cool, from the start, by liking anime and manga. UNLESS- they actually became interested in the culture and such.

well, to get to my point-
i think people like Japan mainly because of the language, writing, interesting bits of culture, and anime/manga.
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RE: Japan craze

Postby serekuro » Mon 08.21.2006 6:38 pm

Schattenjedi wrote:
Oyaji wrote:
Is there some new Japan craze beyond that that I'm not aware of?

There is a fairly large fan community that loves Asian dramas, especially Japanese ones. I don't think it could become a craze though without actually being broadcast on TV. Proof of the community:



I wouldn't like it to be procasted on tv because then they'd have the evil evil dubbing which sucks. I just really wish I could find these dramas with english subtitles to buy. Especially if I really enjoyed this particular drama it would be nice to own it.
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RE: Japan craze

Postby serekuro » Mon 08.21.2006 6:42 pm

ComradeJoe wrote:
Recently I had the occasion to attend a beginner-level japanese course, thanks to a friend of mine who teaches japanese. Can you guess what kind of people I saw on my short visit? Most of them were there because learning japanese is the cool thing to do, because they are anime fans or because they thought it would be easy or even because they thought japanese is cool, easy and above all used in anime (these guys usually bail-out after the first weeks, though).

Those people really annoy me and that probobly would be me maybe 2 years ago. Thank god they quit after a few weeks. I mean I know japan is popular now and everything but wasn't it frowned upon and viewed as dorky maybe 5 years ago? I mean this whole culture sky rocketed big time in the past 5 years. (I'm my opinion maybe I have the viewed because well I'm only 15..) I'm assuming it's because of all these animes and naturally when you watch animes you want to read mangas. I was watching animes before I even knew what they were. Which is one of the main reasons why I'm so attached to the japanese culture. I practically grew up with it. You know, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Tenchi Muyo, all of that.
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RE: Japan craze

Postby serekuro » Mon 08.21.2006 6:45 pm

metapod wrote:
Most of them have extremely distorted views of Japan and think its some happy anime wonderland with cosplayers running around and crap. .

I know. I have a friend who is like that and I find her troublesome. She's going to Japan next summer with her aunt and feels she doesn't need to learn to read hiragana, katakana and kanji. I told her the least she could do it learn katakana but noo.
The crazy anime fans are annoying meee D=
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RE: Japan craze

Postby Neko Ninja » Mon 08.21.2006 6:50 pm

I think people really like Japan because of two reasons.

1. Anime
2. Interesting culture that is rich and deep with thought

I of course like it for reason number 2, not reason number 1 much.
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RE: Japan craze

Postby serekuro » Mon 08.21.2006 6:50 pm

CuriousDrew wrote:

I must admit, I myself used to find these people annoying. But as I thought about it I came to the decision that they have fallen in love with a idea. They wish that the work was more like it is portrayed in these stories, filled with honorable people and unbreakable friendships (and they don't feel that cute characters are banned unless they are totally absurd and have names like jar-jar Binks *shudder*).

I'm recuperating from the fact that the world is NOT a shoujo manga XD; Omg you have no idea how I was like *_*. But yeah the idea is a factor, I s'pose. We wish life is like that. But it's all about why most females like to watch love stories that are impossible to happened (or near impossible). yeah, its the same thing I guess ._.;

This thread is fun to write in o.o
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RE: Japan craze

Postby serekuro » Mon 08.21.2006 6:58 pm

Ezrach wrote:
Sumi wrote:
I haven't really noticed a Chinese or Korean boom.

Wow. You must not get out much. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, just as a start.
As for Korean, let's start on TV's most popular "Lost". There is also the film "Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring."

Hey...wait? lost is based on a series in korea? Hoi~cool. Maybe I can find the series online and watch it o.O
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RE: Japan craze

Postby StarvingMusician » Mon 08.21.2006 6:58 pm

Hmmm...What got me so interested in japanese, was how pretty the language sounds. It hit me one day after listening to much audio from anime that is constantly run in japanese. I've also become a fan of rock music from Japan. Asian Kungfu Generation snagged me. Thus the name 'starving musician'
I've been playing the guitar for a year and I'd like to compose some breakthrough stuff there. Plus the girls are so darn cute.
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