A story of revenge

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A story of revenge

Post by Oyaji » Wed 09.13.2006 3:37 am

Japan has snakes. Certainly not lots of them, but some of them are poisonous -- most notably, the mamushi.

Two years ago my father-in-law was working in his rice field, and when he reached to grab a tool off of a stone wall, a mamushi stuck its head out of a hole and bit him on the finger. He immediately did the most sensible thing, and chased after the snake (increasing his heart rate, pumping the poisoned blood through his veins.) He caught it by the tail, and in a fit of rage, swung it around and smashed its head on a rock. Probably not the safest method of disposal, but quite satisfying, I would imagine.

Finally realizing what had happened, he ran to his car and drove to the hospital, where he was given an anti-venom, and put to bed with a high fever. Over the next few days his finger swelled and turned black, resembling an eggplant. Just when they thought they would have to amputate, it started improving. He finally was released a month after the bite. (See: Japanese Health Care ;) )

Fast-forward a year to last October. My father-in-law, brother-in-law and I were harvesting the rice. My FIL was riding the combine, while we two younguns were walking along the edges cutting the rice the combine couldn’t get to, when suddenly a mamushi crawled right between my legs. I shouted 「マムシおる」 and before I knew it my FIL had jumped off of the combine and was standing on the mamushi’s head, which he cut off with the scythe he had grabbed out of my hand. He immediately skinned it, and with a look of vengeance, said 「夜御飯」”tonight’s dinner”.

We got back to work, and by the time we had finished we had forgotten all about the snake. After dinner, when we had put away many bottles of beer, and were on our second bottle of shochu, my FIL suddenly remembered the mamushi, and said he had to go get it. He could barely sit up straight by that time, but my mother-in-law had to physically keep him from running to the field at 10:00 at night to look for a dead snake. By morning the crows or weasels had gotten to it, and it was gone.

Fast forward to last Sunday. My sons came home after a day at Gramma and Grampa’s and told us they had eaten mamushi. Apparently Grampa had won another battle, and this time he was determined not to be denied vengeance. He was quoted as saying it was the best thing he has ever eaten. Hopefully now all is even.

When I asked my sons what it tasted like, the oldest answered: “Like mamushi.”  :|

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RE: A story of revenge

Post by keatonatron » Wed 09.13.2006 4:15 am

Oyaji wrote:
Japan has snakes.
On a plane?

My mother had a similar experience as a child growing up in Southern California. There was a rattlesnake outside, and my grandfather shot it with a 22. He too decided it was a good idea to eat it.

He took it inside and skinned it in the sink, and its muscles were still moving by themselves. Some neighbors came to visit unannounced, and walked in to see this skinless snake slithering around in the sink.

My mom said it tasted like chicken.

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