The horrors of internet translators

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The horrors of internet translators

Post by flammable hippo » Mon 10.16.2006 8:08 pm

Ok, so for my Japanese class, my teacher has me writing a journal entry once a week. Since I got I.M.E. I've been able to do it online so today after I wrote some stuff (even though I labeled it as yesterday) I felt like putting it into a translator to see what would come out. The results are hilarious.

Original Japanese Text:



ok, there might be some mistakes with what I've written so far and that might be the cause of the following translation but still, I don't think it should have came out this bad. (btw, if anyone notices any blatant or otherwise errors, corrections would be much appreciated).

translated text:

Today, you learned the Japanese writing with the computer.
Being easy to use enormously, simply is. I.M.E. You received, it is.
Extremely or the っ

It is dense, don't you think? it is. In any case, however
tomorrow, there is test of English word, it did not study. It is it
should have been easy is, but. Perhaps, the teacher will not see

From the っ て which is done, the furrow it does and can
study in class. I, they are the lazybones. : )

During today, in me we want the mother washing time of the
ferret. You think that it became dirty, but it is as for me as for
such it is not. To that, time

When you wash, and it becomes dirty on the first.

As you can see, some incredible nonsense came out. This is why I think everyone should stay away from them. However, I do have some fear that this translation is accurate and I really wrote this garbage in Japanese :o
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RE: The horrors of internet translators

Post by Oyaji » Mon 10.16.2006 8:33 pm

The thing that sticks out the most to me, is the translator's inability to deal with missing (understood) subjects. Until computers gain the ability to infer the subject based on context, J-E translating software will be mostly useless.

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RE: The horrors of internet translators

Post by tanuki » Mon 10.16.2006 8:47 pm

Online translators seem to get thoroughly confused by kana. A simple sentence like 「君がうつくしい。」 is translated as "You the う the forcing which is attached.". I mean, what the...

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