Finding music

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Finding music

Post by kanadajin » Sun 05.22.2005 7:31 pm

Hey does anyone know where i can find any Jpop i have been looking forever lol i have some but they arn't that good:D

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RE: Finding music

Post by SanguisPluvia » Sun 05.22.2005 7:44 pm

I use peer to peer... which is good and bad...

My computer is full of Jpop..... about 1gig actually.....

[Removed Link]

I apologize to the admins if posting such links is not aloud...
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RE: Finding music

Post by kanadajin » Sun 05.22.2005 8:12 pm

Oh, lol i'v herd of that... Well, thanks alot !:D
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RE: Finding music

Post by SO_Rennish » Sat 07.16.2005 9:20 pm

I have about 7.2 gb on my laptop. If you want, I can ysi some popular songs to you. If you anyone is interested, they can pm me.
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RE: Finding music

Post by Pig on the wing » Fri 07.22.2005 3:30 pm

Why anyone ever would listen to j-pop is simply beyond me.

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RE: Finding music

Post by MenomaMinx » Fri 07.22.2005 4:51 pm

I love Japanese music!

The only reason I download anything is to check if I like the songs before buying, so I'm your girl :-)

If you live in the U.S., your consistently cheapest option is

They are flat out the cheapest Japanese singles, with an average between six dollars and $10 -- occasionally $11 for a maxi single.

Their full-length Japanese CDs start at $11 with an average of $14 and occasionally slightly more than that for a two disc set.

All these are Korean versions of the Japanese albums that have the exact content of the Japanese originals -- and sometimes extras.

The shipping is free if you buy at least four items

The next is

Their selection is very small, especially if you're stopping or "Hong Kong versions" which is why you're here. Occasionally they'll have Japanese full-length albums for $12 and international versions that the other stores are sold out on. They will send you a five dollar coupon with your order for your next order.

The fastest shipping using the cheapest option is this store

They have the absolute best packaging for shipment, with everything heavily padded with bubblewrap envelopes. They also occasionally have percentage off sales during holidays . They often have international versions that other people are out of stock on and their catalog carries to the WebSite doesn't.

The downside to dealing with them is also the upside. They carry a full range of Taiwan legal bootleg CDs as well as "legitimate" CDs. All CDs are marked as to which one they are, but you need to know what those markings mean, because they tell you what company made this CD

The companies from Taiwan are


The only difference for the most part for the end buyer is there is a slight difference in audio quality and most people claim not to be able to tell the difference -- I can personally, but I'm in the minority.

This store of of course features the regular international versions CDs from the original companies -- mostly avex artists for jay pop..

This store has a large selection of international CD versions, as well as all the regular versions as well.

Free shipping if you buy $40 or more, and very friendly customer service {even though in my case, when I dealt with them, it was my goal that I ordered the wrong item -- they exchanged for the right one :-)

This CD WebSite can find you anything you want, even if they don't have it.

They only carry original Japanese versions and the only charge the price Japan for anything they sell. That is very important, because a lot of retailers price artificially marked up price nearly double when selling to foreigners. They also have a program that reward you for buying mile island you earn points towards future discounts.

I've got more, but they are on another computer in the house. Besides, these are the ones I do business the most with and I've never had problems with these period
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RE: Finding music

Post by Artist » Tue 07.26.2005 11:48 pm

I wish there were legal sites where you could buy+download Japanese mp3s. Unfortunatly no such site exists to my knowledge. I find a great site for japanese music fans, I'm addicted to it's forum right now.

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RE: Finding music

Post by Inexactitude » Tue 08.23.2005 5:04 pm

Just to add, you can also buy cds from if you can read japanese well. I think some parts of the site (like the shopping cart and such can be used in English.

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RE: Finding music

Post by canadian_kitsune » Tue 08.23.2005 7:47 pm

You can probably find some with Window's Media Player guide too.

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