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Post by Sunken » Fri 12.15.2006 5:46 pm

I'm thinking I might try and write a 年賀状 for my pen-pal in Japan. The Swedish post office tells me delivery time is 4 weekdays for a letter to Japan, but do you have to send 年賀状 earlier than that? Will they recognize it if it's just an ordinary postcard with 年賀 written on it?
What else should be on it, in terms of layout?

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RE: Nengajô

Post by chchan45 » Fri 12.15.2006 9:00 pm

A quick search on google using the phrase 年賀状 書き方 found this site. It even has a completed 年賀状 as a sample.

I have never written one before but I think it is extremely formal and all you need are some set phrases.
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1. English is not my first language.
2. I am not Japanese. I am prone to making mistakes so please point them out if you see any.

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RE: Nengajô

Post by AJBryant » Sat 12.16.2006 2:00 am

Heck, many (many, many, many) cards in Japan are preprinted (or pre-calligraphed, if you will) with the proper sentiments. You only need to sign them.


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RE: Nengajô

Post by Dehitay » Sat 12.16.2006 2:23 am

He made it sound like he's in Sweden though
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RE: Nengajô

Post by coco » Sat 12.16.2006 11:03 am

Sunken wrote:
Will they recognize it if it's just an ordinary postcard with 年賀 written on it?
Yes, write 年賀 with red pen so that they will deliver it on 元旦.

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RE: Nengajô

Post by shin1ro » Sun 12.17.2006 11:51 am

Sunken san, the red 年賀 is normally written just below a stamp. (you may already know) :)

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