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"Salary" Japan Programmer

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"Salary" Japan Programmer

Postby KINGZ » Mon 12.18.2006 4:22 pm

Hi everyone, Sry I’ve been "AFK" for a few months now, due to I’ve been working my tail off.

I found this page to be interesting inregards to video game programmers salary. difference between US/JP/UK. http://japanmanship.blogspot.com/2006/12/salary-overview-2006.html
For all those out there looking for programming jobs and design jobs in Japan. Ouch I feel sorry for you. Good luck.
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RE: "Salary" Japan Programmer

Postby Txkun » Mon 12.18.2006 6:07 pm

I'm really amazed by that statistics.
I'm a game programmer since 5 years now. Working on special effects, 3d engines, gameplay, tools. I'm not senior nor junior and for me $73000.00 at year it would be a dream come true. My pay is good compared to a lot of people here and I get much less than half of that salary. Salaries here (Italy) I think are like the japanese ones and what I think really is that they are the 'right average' ones. I can understand a Sweeny or a Carmack getting $8000 at month but the average programmer can't earn so much. If yes, well don't move... stay in USA! :D
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RE: questioning

Postby KINGZ » Mon 12.18.2006 7:49 pm

I find the US salary questionable, I know a few programmer out there, and it seems the average salary here in the US seems to be between 32k to 55k with verrrrrrrry few making it to the 70k+ range. now if they are living on the West Coast I would think about 10k more.

I wonder what I could make as a mechanical Designer / Engineer in Japan..... Na I just rather not know. lol lol :o
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RE: "Salary" Japan Programmer

Postby Tesu » Mon 12.18.2006 8:57 pm

I think that salaries are probably closer that it appears here, but the figures I see for the UK and Japan certaintly seem close to being about right.

I considered working in the game development industry, but eventually decided that I didnt really have the passion for it that most other game programmers have. Id rather work in a different field making a lot more money!

The "average salary" there is close to my starting salary, although I hope to be making *much* more relatively quickly :)
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RE: "Salary" Japan Programmer

Postby Xenomorph » Sat 12.23.2006 5:21 pm

I've always had a hobby of games-related coding, which started back in the 8-bit era with the Commodore 64, followed by Amiga assembly (68000) and then lots of years of doing stuff with C++. I've always been thinking of trying to move into games programming for my day job, but compared to finance it's not particularly appealing. Having said that, financial programming is pretty boring but I guess it pays the bills. I'm an Aussie at the moment working in investment banking in London. Still would really love to get into a games job sometime in the future once all the bills are paid.

What is the work like in games programming? Very high paced? Lots of stress? Since the deadlines are very publicly announced it would appear so. I'd imagine testing must be a fun part of the job!!
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