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RE: Lolita

Postby jziemba » Sun 01.14.2007 2:18 am

I can't really say I understand the fashion too much over here, But I so like how allot girls wear really short skirts. Even if its cold out. :p
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RE: Lolita

Postby kyashi » Sun 01.14.2007 2:27 am

can someone post a picture of it ? i only seen it in anime.
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RE: Lolita

Postby arkofnoah » Sun 01.14.2007 3:34 am

Kdar wrote:
But people that buying Ipod.. just don't look around for better players.. and there are better players then Ipod :)...

while i agree that ipod isn't the best player out there (i own a Creative Zen Vision:M myself), i think not all people buy ipod just to follow the trend. maybe they just like ipod's interface better? maybe they like ipod's design. maybe they just want a minimalisitc and intuitive player and not some feature-bloated ones?

AJBryant wrote:
are you saying books like LOTR, harry potter, dragonlance, eragon are all not original piece of work?

LotR, definitely original. Dragonlance -- not as much. Harry Potter -- couldn't say. Eragon -- don't make me laugh. That's Star Wars with a veneer of D&D.

or rather i shouldn't say "original". i should use the word "different" instead. the four books above DO have _different_ style, don't they? you wouldn't equate LotR to Dragonlance to HP to Eragon, would you?

Mike Cash wrote:
arkofnoah wrote:
are you saying people buying ipods are all jerks because they simply like the clickwheel, like all others?

are you saying books like LOTR, harry potter, dragonlance, eragon are all not original piece of work?

Please clarify who is meant by "you".

frankly, no one in particular. i did't intend to direct that comment to anyone when i was typing that out.

but i think the issue here is that we shouldn't stereotype people. not all trend-followers are attention-seekers and wanna-be-unique jerks. perhaps they simply identify with the trend? maybe they just want to escape from their boring daily lifes by doing what they are not used to doing? i mean, who are we to say whether someone is original or not?
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