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Any interesting books about Japan?

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Any interesting books about Japan?

Postby tsp_uk » Sat 01.20.2007 3:18 pm

Hi does anyone have any recommendations of any interesting books about Japan? Such as the culture, history, any foreigners that have lived there etc.....

Many thanks!
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RE: Any interesting books about Japan?

Postby richvh » Sat 01.20.2007 3:26 pm

Right now, I have "The Book of the Samurai" by Stephen R. Turnbull borrowed from the library. I also have a copy of "Secrets of the Samurai" by Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook which I bought while stationed in Japan, though that is probably long out of print.
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RE: Any interesting books about Japan?

Postby Matsumoto_hideto » Mon 01.22.2007 6:28 pm

Underground - Haruki Murakami

Good book.
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