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RE: Onsen!!!

Post by Matsumoto_hideto » Tue 02.13.2007 7:28 pm

Mike Cash wrote:
Matsumoto_hideto wrote:
two_heads_talking wrote:
I believe the military still hands out maps to all the soldiers with all the locations of the soaplands and then specifically tells them not to go there.. doh...
the Naval base I went to in Iwakuni actually had a huge sign that said. Military personal are not allowed to go to "~~~~this this and this" or else they will be discharged. Its a pretty big deal.
Yeah something to that extent. it was a big deal from what some of the ppl that worked on the base told me.

Iono Iwakuni gives me the creeps in general. anyone else been there?
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RE: Onsen!!!

Post by richvh » Tue 02.13.2007 9:10 pm

I was stationed at Iwakuni for a year, but Iono Iwakuni doesn't ring any bells for me. This was a quarter century ago, and I don't recall any instructions to avoid any particular place in town.
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