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Postby Kagemaru » Mon 02.05.2007 10:39 am

Poor guy next to me on the train platform almost had coffee spat on him, when I read this last week:

As much as I hate Nova, this would only reinforce the futility of the English teacher in Japan.


*To Admin: I don't know why the link becomes ineffective as a hot link, so I've posted entire address, pardon me.
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RE: いっぱい聞けて、いっぱいしゃべれる

Postby Tajoumaru » Mon 02.05.2007 5:20 pm

I've heard bad things about Nova, but a drug-dealing ring? Sheesh. Are such incidents (drug-related arrests of resident gaikokujin) a fairly common occurrence in the news?

I'm also curious what you mean by "the futility of the English teacher in Japan".

EDIT: I just read your "blowing off steam" response in the "Teaching English?" thread and now have an idea of to what you're referring, though if you don't mind I'd like you to elaborate on that point a smidge.
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