White Day

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White Day

Post by Hatori » Tue 02.20.2007 10:40 pm


Recently in my oh-so-loved ShojoBeat magazine, I read about White Day. I've known a BIT about this holiday before, but can you tell me what you know? I'm just curious. :)

(Man, that magazine makes me so curious and motivated. :P I know- it's lame of me. lol.)

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RE: White Day

Post by gmunchkin » Tue 02.20.2007 11:23 pm

Okay, I am not the best person to reply to this -- I am not exactly the elite source of Japanese culture. But from what I understand...

In Japan, on Valentine's Day, girls give chocolates to the boys, no exception. Often, for someone close, the chocolates are handmade, while for others, they are store bought.

On White Day, it is essentially the reverse of this. Boys give chocolates to girls that gave them chocolates on Valentine's Day. I am not positive of whether or not the boys handmake the chocolate -- in some cases, I do believe that is true.

Well, I could be a bit off, but that is my understanding!


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RE: White Day

Post by datdo » Wed 02.21.2007 12:03 am

umm... I don't think the rules are that adamant(sp). And dates:
Valentines - Feb 14
White - March 14
Black - April 14...

Nessa might like this tid-bit...
also in Korea there is a Black Day for all the people who didn't get chocolate on Valentines or White Day. The call it a celebration of their singleness. They also eat some special kind of noodles on the day.

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RE: White Day

Post by keatonatron » Wed 02.21.2007 3:01 am

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RE: White Day

Post by sexyjunko » Wed 02.21.2007 3:26 am

I think its fair that girls give to boys and boys give to girls. Its all about reciprocating, not one way love. :D

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