Politeness levels

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RE: Politeness levels

Post by Stefan » Tue 03.27.2007 3:19 pm

im really bad at knowing when to use the level speech.
i usually if always speak in plain japanese. :( im just more used to speaking informaly beacause of my japanese friend always speaks plain and very informally al the time this is possible the first time that i have spoken polite japanese to anyone. using masu and desu instead of using da and omitting ka and all that.

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RE: Politeness levels

Post by two_heads_talking » Tue 03.27.2007 4:04 pm

well if you keep putting your foot into your shirt sleeve you will always get the same result..

what we are saying is that whether or not you learn from one thing or another, just realize that some media is not as good as other media to learn from.. that is all, if you realize that are learn from it with a grain of salt, then you will be better of than if you think anime is the best way to learn Japanese.

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