beware the orange ball

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beware the orange ball

Post by zengargoyle » Wed 03.07.2007 9:49 pm

youtube... i guess here in the states, a shopkeeper throwing something at a robber would get the shopkeeper shot.

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RE: beware the orange ball

Post by Kdar » Wed 03.07.2007 10:22 pm

Hihi.. Lol.. thats pretty weird. :)

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RE: beware the orange ball

Post by flammable hippo » Wed 03.07.2007 10:23 pm

Is this accurate in any way? It seems rather 'wtf?'.
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RE: beware the orange ball

Post by Sumi » Wed 03.07.2007 11:09 pm


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RE: beware the orange ball

Post by mamba » Thu 03.08.2007 2:20 am

Its pretty simple, its to identify the criminal, so when he tries to run away and blend with the crowd... oh wait - he cant. I read some comments on youtube and some of them sounded pretty ignorant.

I believe the banks here in the US also use that system with their money. Once someone tries to open a sack of money, pop, your exploded with some sort of paint, both on the money and the criminal. Instant proof.

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