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Post by Hatori » Tue 03.13.2007 11:19 pm

About a week ago, at my school there were these really cool people doing this martial art demostration called "aikido."
I was wondering about what you know about this.
The thing that I really didn't like about this demostration was that people were laughing because they're thinking,"Oh-ho! Japanese! Ching Chong Chung Bung!" and all of that stuff... People laughed a lot... EVIL! :p
I thought this whole thing was awesome and my mom says I can probably do it. I'm excited! :D
It was especially cool because I was talking to this lady when I had to go to my school gym for play practice, they had the demonstration there, and she's so damn cool. She lived in Japan for 13 years!! lol. We had a quick chat. Hehe... I want to go to that aikido dojo place thing. :D

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RE: Aikido

Post by PandanoTake » Tue 03.13.2007 11:23 pm

Aikido is a martial art based on defending oneself by diverting the opponent's energy away from the body and/or reverting it back upon them. My aunt and uncle are black belts in it, so I have to hear about it all the time. It is very close to the fundamentals of Ninjutsu, but there are, of course, many differences when examined more closely. As far as finding a lengthy, substantial description of Aikido, you can go to and look it up. Even if you get answers here, Wikipedia usually has good structure.
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RE: Aikido

Post by Dehitay » Wed 03.14.2007 8:55 am

You can definitely do Akido if you try. It's along the lines of Judo in the sense that you don't need a strong body to be good at it. It teaches you a lot about pressure points. I like to think of it as biology based martial arts.
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RE: Aikido

Post by two_heads_talking » Wed 03.14.2007 9:12 am

here's alink that you can do some research from.

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RE: Aikido

Post by spin13 » Wed 03.14.2007 11:07 am

Aikido (合気道) was the reason I started to learn Japanese though certainly not the reason I continue.

The first class I watched was interesting. I was met at the door by a petite, older woman with short, curly grey hair. After questioning me and being assured that I was not, in fact, there to see the Soo Bak Do Karate (the group who owned and shared the building) asked me to sit quietly near the door.

After people filter onto the mats, always sure to kneel and bow first, a young Japanese man quietly made his way to what was obviously the front of the dojo. He merely clapped and the room came to attention. There was some counting and some stretching but little else. Class commensed and the room, minus the smacking of flesh against tatami, was as silent as I was. Bodies flowed this way and that, arms twisted and joints were locked. It was interesting.

Half-way to the scheduled end of the class the small, older woman returned from her office wearing a uniform and the pleated skirt-pants that only the instructor was wearing. Her presence, like that of the quiet Japanese man earlier, brought the motion back to the quiet, motionless calm it had started from.

As she took her place at the front of the room I learned that a man a year or two younger than myself at the time would be testing for his 3kyuu rank. The test commenced and the woman, clearly full of power and most certainly in charge, bellowed Japanese at the boy as he threw opponent after opponent, each time differently.

What are these words? What are these movements? The rest, as they say, is history.

I no longer study aikido. I actually quit when I came to Japan. I don't have the time for it and my study of kobudo (古武道, iaido (居合道), actually) is much more important to me. However, if you have specific questions, there are many thousands of people who experience the same things you have every year. Many of them write, ask, or otherwise post about it online. In addition to the link already posted, I recommend which has some great interviews, articles, and a forum as well. Though it gets quite repetitive and tedious, has a quite active forum as well that seems suitable for beginners.

You find that there are as many opinions about aikido as there are people who practice it and even quite a few more from those who don't. If you're willing to take the time to do it, I recommend it. At the worst you'll meet some delusioned people with misguided expectations and be injured a few times by the incompetant and the overzealous, at best you'll make friends with warm-hearted people and learn to control your body, your breath, and your mind.


ps-Have fun with all the ridiculous interpretation and speculation on the meaning of 'aiki,' 'aikido,' and other such words by a host of people who don't understand Japanese.

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