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Post questions and answers about living or visiting Japan or the culture
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Post by MrChoSugoi » Fri 03.23.2007 9:19 pm

I have made a new social news site for gaijin living in Japan:
Memebers can post intresteing news stories or blog posts that they have found while living in Japan and other members can vote on them.
It is similar to Digg or

To the admins, my apoplogies if this is considered spam, but I figured this would be topic relevant as it is mostly dealing with issues involved with living in Japan.

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RE: - new social news site for Gaijin

Post by keatonatron » Sat 03.24.2007 1:59 am

It looks relevant and appears to contain some interesting, useful information.

But the URL made me laugh. It sounds like some anime fansite. :|

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