Eating Natto

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Re: Eating Natto

Post by burstandbloom » Mon 10.05.2009 4:45 am

ななちゃん brought some natto to our room for us to try, after hearing my friends who have tried its explanation of it, I was too scared to even look at it, haha. My immersion into Japanese food has been very, very slow.

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Re: Eating Natto

Post by TheDutchGaijin » Thu 01.14.2010 2:53 pm

I've seen someone eating natto on toasted bread + Japanese mayo on top of it.
It seemed to be very good.
I'll definitely try it once I get my hands on some natto.
(edit: oh wow, old topic it seems. :think:)

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Re: Eating Natto

Post by nenn » Fri 01.15.2010 8:12 am

A couple of months back I was in a local izakaya and I figured, what the heck! I ordered me up some natto. I added the mustard (i think, it was awhile back) and dug in. Hot damn that took effort! I can eat almost anything, im not a fan of lima beans :p. For those that havnt had it, its just as slimy as boiled okra (if you've had that), but those threads DONT BREAK!

I offered some to my sister, who looked very worried. She tried one bean and shoved the bowl back at me. Sadly I didnt have any rice to eat it with else I would have, and by the looks of it it seems like I should have.

I'll perhaps pick some up when i go shopping for some daikon to pickle. Yum!

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