23 days in a Japanese prison (留置場 ryuchijyo)

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RE: 23 days in a Japanese prison (留置場 ryuchijyo)

Post by lalaith » Wed 05.16.2007 2:56 pm

two_heads_talking wrote:
no mexican prisons can hold you forever with no due cause.. and you could die in there without anyone caring either.. and I should have been more specific.. "north korean" prisons..

but after having thought about it and hearing on the news that the tent city had room, i think it best for her to got to death valley, live in a tent, and wear pink panties and pink jump suits and get pushed around in the sand like all the other prisoners.. she isn't good enough for cable tv and quite frankly, I would like to see who does what to own her for a few weeks.. she would make a terrible prison bitch though..
I so want to respond to the Paris Hilton part of this, but it would so be off topic. Therefore, I will restrain myself and respond to the part that is about different penal systems.

I did not know that about Mexican prisons. The couple of first hand accounts I read were of people who had been tried and convicted. I think it's an interesting comparison between Mexican and Japanese internment. In Mexico you can get anything you want, if you can pay for it. You can even have prostitutes brought to your cell. But, at least according to the linked article, it doesn't matter how much money you have in Japanese detention, the rich are treated the same as everyone else.

Of course, in Japan, who needs prostitutes when you have manga. Why are people in jail allowed to read comics about rape? Giving them the Japanese equivalent of Playboy is one thing. But rape stories? Could you imagine what would happen if an American prison tried to spend tax dollars on stories that focus on the rape of women (apparently some of them underage) for the entertainment of the inmates? (Oh, I should ask. Does Japan have a legal age of consent? I forget that other countries may not have this concept.)

North Korean prisons -- I just ruined my lunch reading about them.
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