Hononrifics vs none

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RE: Hononrifics vs none

Post by lalaith » Tue 05.22.2007 12:17 am

My teacher was a native Japanese & she always wrote "name-san" in her emails.
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RE: Hononrifics vs none

Post by Yudan Taiteki » Tue 05.22.2007 8:04 am

There is no standard way to do romanization like that, so just pick what you like. I agree with lalaith that name-san is the most common.
Also, how would you ask someone if it's ok to use casual forms with them? Is it alright to use it on people older than you if their not teachers/professionals, etc.?
"yobi sutete mo ii desu ka?" is probably the standard way. However, the question itself is a little impolite (even with the "desu") and in some situations you should not even ask. I would save that question for people around your own age and in a similar position as you. Don't ask bosses, teachers, or people much older than you if you can speak in plain forms -- if they don't specifically tell you it's OK, stick to polite.
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