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Short term exchange - Tokyo

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RE: Short term exchange - Tokyo

Postby Daiki » Thu 06.28.2007 5:00 pm

:o A 14-year-old who uses proper grammar on the internet? No way! :o
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RE: Short term exchange - Tokyo

Postby sei » Thu 06.28.2007 7:35 pm

Mike Cash wrote:
Thanks you, sei.

Just to clarify: I don't visit any areas of the site which deal with J-Rock/Pop or anime/manga.

Oh I see, those are Kiddy Land areas... I never actually went there (directly). Usually I just click on the threads on the "Newest Threads" box without paying attention in which forum they are in. I should though, it makes it really hard when I want to find a thread I had been on before and I don't know where to find it.

Mike Cash wrote:
I saw your other post in the locked thread and I appreciate it all the more knowing that it came before you even read my previous post in this thread.

Eh, well, it is just my opinion. :) Glad you enjoyed it though.
Questions? Feel free to ask. :)
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