What about latinos in Japan?

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RE: What about latinos in Japan?

Post by ocetalo » Thu 08.16.2007 7:56 pm

So, I get.

Well, I know not the whole kanjis/hanzi are pictograms. I was just saying thta they strated as pictograms. And I agree with you. Two or more different languages can't be completely expressed with the same writing system. I think it is due to them having different sounds, and also because writing systems are often "imposed" to a given language which had no writing system. For example, romans conquered Hispania and Britania, and they left the latin alphabet in both places, but the word "sell" you read it different in spanish and english. But I also think thta, talking about ideographic writing systems like hanzi, it's possible to understand (or is it "comprehend" in this case?) the meaning without a clue on the pronunciation. How do you think those who studied ancient Egypt hyerogliphs could begin to understand them, if they didn't know how to pronounce them? But I think if Ancient Egypt had phonetic writing system as modern languages do, that would have been a different story.
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RE: What about latinos in Japan?

Post by richvh » Thu 08.16.2007 8:44 pm

The understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs (which do have phonetic components, the original key that Champolion used was recognizing that the pharaoh's names were written in cartouches, which could be easily picked out; the hieroglyphs in the cartouches sounded out the person's name) is based to a greater or lesser degree on modern Coptic, the descendant language of ancient Egyptian.
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RE: What about latinos in Japan?

Post by chikara » Thu 08.16.2007 9:18 pm

So the Japanese don't like latinos because they remind them of Egyptians :o
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