Anyone climbing Mt. Fuji in August?

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Anyone climbing Mt. Fuji in August?

Post by Cale » Tue 07.10.2007 2:14 am

Ok. First let me apologise if i posted in the wrong thread - I checked all but thought this the most appropriate, and secondly if this question has already been posted before.

I have been looking online for groups or anyone planning to climb Mt. Fuji and haven't had any success. I really want to climb it this year as I might be leaving Japan at the end of the year and am not sure if I will be back this way again.

Do you know of anyone or group planning to climb or are YOU planning to climb this year? I really don't think it is a great idea to climb by myself.

Okay then. Looking forward to hearing from anyone.

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RE: Anyone climbing Mt. Fuji in August?

Post by Hatori » Wed 07.11.2007 6:35 pm

It'd be an interesting experience. Anyways, didn't people climb Mt. Fuji before because of some sort of thing about Buddah??

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