long hair in public bath houses

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long hair in public bath houses

Post by Dehitay » Thu 07.26.2007 11:32 am

This is going to be a slightly random/awkward question. My hair reaches 2 feet in length and in the process of washing it, a few strands will always break and wrap themselves around my hands. For that reason, I keep a trash bag right outside my shower because even a few strands of 2 foot long hair can start clogging up a shower drain.

I've grown curious as to what people with long hair do in public bath houses. I'm sure I'm not the only one who washes my hair to the point of breaking a few strands. Do they have waste baskets in the cleaning section? I could see drains clogging quickly on the female side.
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RE: long hair in public bath houses

Post by coco » Mon 07.30.2007 10:13 am

「strand」って何ですか? 髪の毛をしばるヒモ?



(男性で銭湯利用者の方がいたら、補足をお願いします ;) )

strand of hairとは髪の毛の一本です

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RE: long hair in public bath houses

Post by richvh » Mon 07.30.2007 10:19 am

strand of hairとは髪の毛の一本です。
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