Japan Prices vs. American Prices

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Japan Prices vs. American Prices

Post by Hatori » Sat 08.25.2007 6:29 pm

Hello! Anyways, this thread may be supported by personal opinion and actual facts, just to say first.
I was just wondering, if I were to go live in Japan would you say that prices for anything would be better or worse than America? Would I be financially better in Japan if I were to have a home, like in America, and have a steady job? I know this may be vague, but I'm trying to say if you had the same situation in each country, where would you have a benefit when it comes to money and prices.

Thanks for reading. I tried my best to get my point across and make it easy to understand!!

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RE: Japan Prices vs. American Prices

Post by lemonaid » Sat 08.25.2007 6:40 pm

(...) the nominal GDP per capita in Japan was about US$40,000, while the equivalent PPP into a U.S. goods basket was estimated at $27,000. In the U.S., GDP per capita was about $36,400 (nominal and real if based on 2002 dollars). This means that the average U.S. citizen could enjoy slightly more consumption than the average Japanese (vastly more if private saving is removed from consumption income). However, it does not necessarily follow, that this implies a "higher standard of living" in the sense of "enjoying life" more; the U.S. has higher crime rates and less social cohesion than Japan, while Japan has much less physical space per person and arguably less individual freedom. Ultimately, the quality of life will depend on subjective judgement and individual preferences.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_co ... per_capita

Working time to buy a car:
Japan: 1182 hours
United States: 1459 hours

Japan: 60 hours
United States: 29 hours

Japan: 15 hours
United States: 15 hours


1st - Oslo, Norway

2nd - Tokyo, Japan

3rd - Reykjavik, Iceland

= 4th - Osaka, Japan

= 4th Paris, France

6th - Copenhagen, Denmark

7th - London, UK

8th - Zurich, Switzerland

9th - Geneva, Switzerland

10th - Helsinki, Finland
Source: Economist

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RE: Japan Prices vs. American Prices

Post by lbum » Sat 08.25.2007 9:38 pm

Nice a lot of facts those are some of the fun things in life and very informative

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RE: Japan Prices vs. American Prices

Post by Harisenbon » Sun 08.26.2007 1:57 am

also, as lemonaid pointed out, it depends on what you're buying. Cars are much cheaper in JP than in America, but you also have to deal with higher taxes. The Salary is generally lower than a similar US Job, but there are more benefits/security.
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RE: Japan Prices vs. American Prices

Post by caroline » Sun 08.26.2007 4:52 am

And don't forget the cost of housing :
I went to check the list of the most expensive cities provided by Lemonaid/Economist, because I was surprised to find Paris more expensive than London : and those statistics are without housing.
Giving the cost of housing in a large part of Japan, the result for PPP (purchase power parity) will depend a lot on your priorities ...

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RE: Japan Prices vs. American Prices

Post by Xurma » Sun 08.26.2007 5:26 am

I thought that Tokyo was the most expensive, but Oslo is it.

Woah Helsinki at 10th go go Finland :)

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