Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Post by Astral Abraxas » Fri 01.11.2008 1:56 am

Just wondering if anyone who can point me to free children hiragana books for me to practice reading. I basically only started learning Japanese a week ago. I got Genki 1 and a dictionary. It does have kind of like situational speeches that I can see, and practices etc, but I would like something extra too. Even if I can't really use them now, having them there later and ready would be kinda nice.

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RE: Materials...

Post by ss » Fri 01.11.2008 3:26 am


I would like to recommend this website for story reading. There are many stories we have probably read before in English, so, there shouldn’t be any problem in understanding the stories in Japanese. If you’re using firefox with Rikaichan, hover your mouse over words, you’ll get the pronunciation and meaning in English.

I’m also practising reading from this website during my free time, they are mainly stories about heroines of Ancient China.

Hope you find this material helpful in some ways.

Thanks to Gundaetiapo-san, I'm going to get the series of あらしのよるに.
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RE: Materials...

Post by TrashTreasurer » Fri 01.11.2008 5:14 am

Since he's not on, I'll point you in the direction of richvh's story. He's added the option to read the story with furigana, which means that there is hiragana alongside the kanji so that it can be phonetically prounced without knowledge of the kanji. For me, this is easier to read for the time being than a bunch of hiragana jammed together line after line. Good luck on your search!
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RE: Materials...

Post by yukamina » Fri 01.11.2008 2:29 pm

You can use this site to add hiragana to kanji on web-sites
I don't know how well it work, though.
Here's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, it doesn't use a lot of kanji(you can use rikaichan or the hiragana site)
Little Red Riding Hood ... 15546.html
Le Petit Prince
Since you can read these stories in English, you can compare them/make sure you understand.

That said, even if you read something in all hiragana, the grammar and vocabulary will still be beyond you're current level.

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