Kanji Dictionary.. Which one?

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RE: Kanji Dictionary.. Which one?

Post by Yudan Taiteki » Mon 01.28.2008 9:49 am

It's unlikely that was intentional.
-Chris Kern

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RE: Kanji Dictionary.. Which one?

Post by furrykef » Mon 01.28.2008 5:59 pm

That KANJIDIC gives Heisig's keywords as the first definition? No, that's intentional. Jim Breen used it to "seed" the kanji dictionary in its early days. (It's telling that the Heisig keywords in KANJIDIC are a bit out of date.)

This is what the KANJIDIC history says:
KANJIDIC began as two files: jis1detl.lst and jis2detl.lst, which were later merged into a single file.

The first file was compiled initially from the file "kinfo.dat" supplied by Stephen Chung, who in turn compiled his file from a file prepared by Mike Erickson. I originally added about 1900 "meanings" by James Heisig keyed in by Kevin Moore from the book "Remembering The Kanji". I later added the meanings from Rik Smoody's files, compiled when he was working for Sony in Japan. These appear to have been based on Nelson.
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