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Genki and what to buy

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Genki and what to buy

Postby Grayson » Fri 02.15.2008 1:55 am

Forgive my ignorance but from the research I've done so far, It seems like the Genki textbook line might be the best choice for me, a beginner in every way, with regards to learning to speak and read/write Japanese. However, I was curious about what exactly to buy. Should I get the textbook, the workbook, and the answer key? Or is that last one unnecessary? I'm also curious about the "Student 1 CD." Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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RE: Genki and what to buy

Postby saraLynne » Fri 02.15.2008 2:02 am

Getting the audio is a must so you have something to try to match when speaking. I don't have the teacher CDs, but I understand it's better to have them than the student ones.

Workbook... I wish I had it, but I don't. So, if you're able, I think you should get it. Answer key is necessary to make sure you're doing things right. If you're not, you'll never know. When you can't get something right, you can ask around here for help.
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RE: Genki and what to buy

Postby bonobio » Fri 02.15.2008 4:59 pm

I have had the textbook and the workbook for a couple of weeks. I am just now to the point where I can start using the workbook. I should have the student CD in my mailbox when I get home. I'll try to give it a listen tonight or tomorrow and let you know my thoughts!

Ok, I have it. I think you would definitely benefit from it. Especially if you don't hear Japanese spoken very much. I've already learned some mistakes I was making, just in listening to the first 3 minutes.
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