Japanese DS program.

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Japanese DS program.

Post by luggage » Wed 02.27.2008 9:49 pm


I'm currently starting to write a little homebrew Nintendo DS program that will help teach me basic Japanese (Just the Kana for now). I'm planning on making it available to others available for free to use. There is already a simple one that tests you on your Kana but it can be a bit awkward to use. I'd like to start off with something similar and add word searches and other little puzzles to help the learner.

I'm trying to find a set of audio files for pronounciation and also animated gif's of the character being drawn. The program I mentioned earlier uses animated gifs from http://members.aol.com/writejapan/hiragana/writutor.htm. I've tried sending an email to the writer but it bounces back 'unknown address' and I'd like to get their permission before using them if possible.

Can anybody point me to useful resources where I can download and use the audio and\or gifs please?



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