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Kids website

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Kids website

Postby french_samourai » Fri 03.07.2008 4:26 pm


I am looking for a japanese "kids website" so it would be easier to read and understand. Does anyone know such a website ?
thank you very muche
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Re: Kids website

Postby yukamina » Fri 03.07.2008 7:43 pm

Some sort of kids site. I found it while looking for Japan's history for kids, but I haven't explored much. http://kids.gakken.co.jp/index.html
Childrens' newpaper http://www.asagaku.com/
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Re: Kids website

Postby Oishii_Sushi » Sun 03.30.2008 7:39 pm

This site :http://web-japan.org/kidsweb/ is awesome I discovered is yesterday.There's lessons,videos,news,etc it's really cool and helpful.
Ja mata ne,

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Re: Kids website

Postby Princesskana » Tue 04.01.2008 8:18 pm

well... i don't know if this is what you are looking for BUT http://www.tamatown.com has a Japanese version of the sight that is kinda good. over the Kanji it shows the hiragana so.. it is also good because of the english version which you can compare to. I am a total newbie and I did I victory lap around my house because I was able to read a question. It's about tamagotchi's and look at the Version 5 one. Yes. Tamagotchis are on version 5... I have one. :oops:
hope it helps
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