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Learning Hiragana

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Learning Hiragana

Postby shivles » Tue 03.11.2008 7:20 am

What do you think is the best way to learn the Hiragana? Is it best to just memorise them all before I start working from a text book or learning as i go along, writing out the conversations from the book in Hiragana? Feedback about both methods would be really helpful, thanks!
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Re: Learning Hiragana

Postby Wakannai » Tue 03.11.2008 9:58 am

whatever works for you. I tried flash cards, writing the dialogs and whatnot. But in the end, it was exposure and looking some characters up repeatedly that made them sink in for me.
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Re: Learning Hiragana

Postby hungryhotei » Tue 03.11.2008 12:05 pm

You'll probably get better efficiency if you learn or at least practice/revise the hiragana with words, rather than as isolated symbols.
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Re: Learning Hiragana

Postby kyubisharingan » Tue 03.11.2008 5:04 pm

learn about 5 every day(hiragana and katakana). Write them out so you remember the stroke order. MLC has something thats quite helpful for learn hiragana and katakana

http://www.mlcjapanese.co.jp/DownloadF/ ... kSheet.pdf
print them out

i used them to brush up on my katakana a lil. Good luck
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Re: Learning Hiragana

Postby shivles » Wed 03.12.2008 1:29 pm

Thanks guys that helps me alot

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Re: Learning Hiragana

Postby furrykef » Wed 03.12.2008 4:01 pm

I simply wrote 'em over and over again, and did the same for katakana, too. I usually bring pencil and paper with me to restaurants (I figure I might as well have something to do while I wait), so I often practiced it then. It works fine for kana. The technique absolutely cannot be adapted for kanji, though. There's just too many.

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Re: Learning Hiragana

Postby RiP70R » Wed 03.12.2008 10:59 pm

It took me quite a long time to learn Hiragana, I was surprised as I have a pretty good memory usually. The mistake I made when I started to learn them was wanting to learn them faster than I actually could handle. The result was that after a week or two I just forgot half of them because I didn't take the time to actually feel them if we can say. So after that what I did was take one or two hiragana character a day, write them a good 15-20 times each the morning. Then in the afternoon I tried to write them again, and finally at night. After I got a full line done, I read some lyrics online while listening to songs, and tried to say the hiragana character before it was actually said, and it really helped to remember them.

I still take some times to think about them so I'm not reading fast, but I don't do any mistake (well I tend to do one or two on character that we don't see often and that looks like the other).

I'm currently learning Katakana and I'm doing the exact same thing, only problem is that it is less often used than Hiragana and to find them all in some text is a little harder.
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Re: Learning Hiragana

Postby Yudan Taiteki » Thu 03.13.2008 9:26 am

For katakana practice, the Internet is great. There is all kinds of katakana out there on amazon, yahoo, etc. that doesn't require any knowledge of the other character sets to read, and converts to English words you already know.
-Chris Kern
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Re: Learning Hiragana

Postby piepiepie75 » Thu 03.13.2008 4:38 pm

I used Power Japanese to help me learn the Hiragana. It's not the prettiest thing by any means, but I like the way it quizzes you on them. They basically play a piece of sound with someone saying a word (Such as 'ai', which is in the first pracitce thing) and you are given a picture of a keyboard with all the keys representing one character. The first lesson ,which covers a, i, u, e, and o, only shows those five characters on the keyboard. Then you just plug in the characters あ and い. It even gives you a nice little definition of the word. As you continue on, more spots on the keyboard are filled with characters (The next lesson covers the K series, so one of the words might be 'koe').

I also got a nice little kana poster to hang in my room for about $12. You can also get a mini kana poster to carry around with you and look at during your spare time.

Of course, neither of the two above really help when it comes to actually writing. That's something that you'll need to practice on your own probably.
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Re: Learning Hiragana

Postby HarajukuxBoy » Sun 03.16.2008 1:52 pm

I used flash cards, I wrote them out millions of times, and most importantly, I practiced reading them. The more your able to read them, the easier they stick. I began reading them faster and faster, till it came to the point that I knew them.
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