Skype Study Group

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Skype Study Group

Post by Kisshu » Thu 04.03.2008 8:44 pm

Anyone interested in a Skype chat group for Japanese learners or in conversing one-on-one with other students of a campatable level? Haha. So, how about this... if anyone decides to reply to this topic, please do so in this form.

Chat Group: (Yes/No)
Level: (beginner/intermediate)
One-On-One Conversations: (Yes/No) (Skype Name [optional])

blah blah blah any other comments.

I just want to make the information easy to find. Anywho, if you aren't comfortable giving your name out on here, please PM me with your name and I'll make sure we have legitimate people for you to work with. Sorry I can't provide help with regards to an advanced level chat group... Since I'm only at upper intermediate level, I don't think I'm qualified to organize an advanced level.

For one-on-one conversations you can either (a) just add the people yourself from their posts or (b) pm me and type the extent of your Japanese knowledge and I will match you up with someone who is about the same level as you. (assuming there IS someone at the same level.)

Anyone interested, or is this a dumb idea?
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Re: Skype Study Group

Post by piepiepie75 » Fri 04.04.2008 3:01 am

I am absolutely interested! Me and my friend have a study group that we've been trying to form amongst our friends, but so far we've really had no luck.

Quick question though: Some clarification on skill level? That's really something that's open to perception, so I'd like to know what qualifies as what. :P

Chat Group: Yes, defiantly.
Level: Maybe somewhere in between?
One-On-One Conversations: Sure!
Skype name: piepiepie75

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Re: Skype Study Group

Post by Barafuza » Fri 04.04.2008 3:07 am

I'm not sure if I'm experienced enough to be called a beginner, but I'll take whatever learning tools are available. Thank you for the offer.

Chat Group: Yes
Level: Beginner
One-On-One Conversations: Maybe
Skype name: Balfazar

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Re: Skype Study Group

Post by atreya » Fri 04.04.2008 3:52 am

Chat Group - Yes
Level - Lower Intermediate
One-on-One Conversations - I don't mind.
Skype Name - atreya2011

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Re: Skype Study Group

Post by kayuu » Fri 04.04.2008 3:19 pm

Chat Group: Yes
Level: Beginner → Lower Intermediate
One-On-One Conversations: No, I'm phone-phobic - that includes Skype. I'll only chat in a group so I can ease myself into it. :P

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