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Japanese SAT II

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Japanese SAT II

Postby Strawberry_Juice » Sun 04.20.2008 2:47 pm

There was a topic about this two years ago with no notice...

I'm planning on taking several SAT II tests, including the Japanese test in November (only offered with the additional listening section). I am a junior in high school, but I am currently finishing up the fourth level of Japanese taught at my school (only at the honors level, because AP is not offered).

I can't seem to find many materials or test preparation online. There are a sparse few sample questions on the CollegeBoard website, and they seem fairly easy. However, I have heard that the reading section contains grammar that is much more complicated than what any review material provides, and the amount of kanji used is much larger than students expect it to be.

Has anyone here taken this test, or is anyone here familiar with it? If so, could you give me some advice on structures to make sure I understand or the amount and level of kanji to expect?
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