Beginner need help in direction

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Re: Beginner need help in direction

Post by Wakannai » Fri 05.02.2008 11:27 pm

p-chan wrote:
Sairana wrote:
p-chan wrote:question about genki ... what if i study the entire vocabulary first.... before the dialouge and grammar?
...? What if?

It's never a bad idea to at least read over the vocabulary ahead of time. I wouldn't bother with memorizing them before listening to the dialog and such, personally. I believe that things are easier to remember when you have some context to put them in, so.....

But if you prefer memorization, then by all means go ahead. Everyone's different. You don't need someone to tell you whether or not your method is OK. If it works, do it! :)
thanks, i konw it's better with content.. but the dialouge dosen't use much of the vocabulary as in the practice exercises..

at first i did was i followed the book.. dialouge->vocabulary->gramar->practice.. this was ok but sometimes the new words kinda bugs me..

so i did the vocabulary->dialouge->gramar-> practice.. this was better but i feel it's kinda takes long to finish a lesson because i try to cramp the vocabulary to my head.. based on renshuu.. from lesson 1 to 5 vocaublary i get around 67%..

now i was thinking what if i cramp the vocabulary first, listen to the dialouge (review some words) then i could focus more on grammar and practice later... after that maybe i'll tackle the kanji...

what you think? i'm planing to take the 3kyuu this year.. hehehe..
Only you know what works for you. Personally, I just examine the vocabulary list, then read the dialogue, then after that try to memorize the vocabulary from the dialogue and lessons and grammar. Most of my memorization comes from the exercises.

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Re: Beginner need help in direction

Post by p-chan » Mon 05.05.2008 2:46 am

hmm... you got something going on there.. hehehe.. i think i will try you're style.. hehehe.. i'm still confused and i have to double time.. :(

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Re: Beginner need help in direction

Post by pandapanda » Wed 05.07.2008 11:19 am

I just read your slot. If you would like to start learning Japanese, it is better to determine what you would like to focus on, such as reading, writing, speaking/listening, etc. Then you can choose materials.
The Japensepage has online bookstore, so if you look at the textbooks, you might easily find books suitable for your learning objective. You can see samples of some of those books, which might help you determine the textbooks.
Hope you can find a book that helps your learning a lot! :wink:

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Re: Beginner need help in direction

Post by mae-art » Thu 05.08.2008 2:07 am

I have a lot of textbooks. See what I have;
- Minna no Nihongo
- Genki
- Japanese for Busy People
- Kanji textbook
- And more stuff about JLPT 4-3

All are quite the same, starting with the simple sentences. I'm attending the Japanese language school as well.

I think Minna no Nihongo series (MN) are the best. I love its audio. Not too slow like Genki. MN audio will gradually increase speed. When you approach the Lesson 20, it is as fast as dialogue in Anime. Its intonation is quite the same as what i hear from Japanese media. Genki's is too slow and not natural.

However, I think Genki has benefits in Usage Note, informative and clearer explanation. I love this part so I decided to own Genki series. And I love the Vocabulary tracks that contain vocab meanings. (In MN audio, there are only vocab pronunciation.) With Genki vocab tracks, I can learn vocabulary whenever and wherever with iPod.

I use MN the main textbook to follow and Genki as supplementary.

Planning to pass JLPT3 this year. (It's the requirement for attend "Study Japanese from Manga" Class in my language school.)

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