The Next Stage: Intermediate Kanji, I think?

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The Next Stage: Intermediate Kanji, I think?

Post by HungryScholar » Mon 06.23.2008 10:45 pm

Here's where I'm at.

Finished Genki I and Genki II.

About to finish Basic Kanji Book I and II with the graceful assistance of Anki.

About to dive into "An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese" and am using Japanese Pod101 and anime has a listening comprehension supplement. But I fear I'll miss the kanji bit once I finish BKB (where does that put me? Around 500 kanji with Genki and BKB covered?).

So I guess my question is, what should be my next kanji resource? Am I ready to go out in the world and just sort of...soak it up?

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Re: The Next Stage: Intermediate Kanji, I think?

Post by Ichigo19 » Mon 06.23.2008 11:23 pm

Well, you could continue on to the Intermediate Kanji Books I and II but that'll only get you somewhere over a 1,000 and will kinda leave you hanging on where to go/what to do for the other half. Though I've only heard great things about the book series myself and can't put it down since I haven't personally used them.

I would recommend using Kanji in Context.

It contains all the jouyou kanji and 2 extra for a total of 1,947. It doesn't include workbook type practice stuff like I've seen with the kanji books you have used but it does have work books that you can buy seperate which are pretty helpful for practice reading the kanji "in context" but no actual writing practice as far as i remember. I just use a notebook myself.

It also breaks the kanji into 6 levels so you aren't burdened by the idea of going from 1 to 1,947.

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Re: The Next Stage: Intermediate Kanji, I think?

Post by furrykef » Tue 06.24.2008 1:04 am

I've seen Kanji in Context recommended here a few times, but it looks like it's not in print anymore, so I dunno if it'll always be easy to get a copy cheaply... also, it looks like you should get the workbooks with it, which are also a bit expensive. You could end up paying $90-100 to get all three (reference plus two workbooks).

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